Whilst still studying at the Royal College of Music, London, Paul began his teaching career at several state schools in Harlow and Basildon teaching bassoon, recorder and piano. As an organist and choirmaster for over 15 years he developed an innate understanding of the minds of children between the ages of 6 and 18, a skill which would build a secure foundation for teaching in higher education at a later stage.

In 1985 Paul was invited by the Royal College of Music to become its first Professor of Baroque Bassoon, a post later expanded to include the teaching of Classical Bassoon. Over the 20 years at the post he has produced many successful students including the first Professor of Baroque Bassoon at The Royal Northern College of Music.


In 1998, and in collaboration with Professor David Rowland of the Open University, and with the co-operation of the Royal College of Music Paul made a programme for the BBC on the history and development of woodwind instruments. This was filmed in the Museum of Instruments at the Royal College.

Also In 1998 the publisher Ashgate commissioned Paul to write a book, ‘Baroque Woodwind Instruments, a Guide to Their History, Repertoire and Basic Technique.’ Now in its second edition, the book sets out to provide a starting point for anybody wishing to learn an historical woodwind instrument.

As an extension from Paul’s teaching at the Royal College of Music he has composed The Well Tempered Bassoon, a set of 24 trios in all keys which offers bassoonists of all standards a series of ensemble pieces.

Although very heavily involved in the concept of Historically Informed Performance practice and period instruments, Paul still plays his modern Adler bassoon. As an educator he teaches both ‘old’ and ‘new’ instruments with a simple philosophy that unless one can play a ‘modern’ instrument well, then playing an ‘historical’ instrument is going to be extremely difficult.

The teaching of musical instruments is part of Paul’s role as an educator and he also teaches performance concepts and coaches both solo musicians and ensembles.

Paul Carroll

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